6 WWII VULTEE AIRPLANE Lithograph Print Collection 1940s

  • $39.95

Set of 6 WORLD WAR II CONSOLIDATED VULTEE AIRCRAFT lithograph collection in portfolio folder 1940s. The planes represented are significant of America's conquest of the air for Victory and Peace.  Prints measures in inches 17" x 14.50".  New old stock never used or circulated.  
Prints included in portfolio are:
Four-engined Liberator B-24 long range bomber 
The Liberator Exress C-87 transport 
The Coronado PB2Y-3R transport 
The two-engine Catalina PBY patrol bomber 
The single engined Valiant BT-13A trainer 
The Stinson Sentinel L-5 "flying jeep" liaison and observation plane